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《Still Waters Run Deep》
NAME:《Still Waters Run Deep》

My Secret Garden
NAME:My Secret Garden

New Plant Paradise
NAME:New Plant Paradise

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Chronicle of the Ferryman Lin Bo-liang
Exhibition Dates: December 9, 2017 to March 4, 2018
Exhibition Venue: Galleries 301-304, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Curatorial Team: Fotoaura Institute of Photography

Supported by Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
Organized by Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Appointed Print Sponsor: EPSON
Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor: HOPAX
Special Thanks to National Museum of Taiwan Literature

A "fucha" is the wooden raft that ferried people back and forth between the sea and river of heaven in ancient myths. Here a fucha symbolizes Lin Bo-liang's path of photography over the course of 40 years, which was like a solo journey between the vast domains of heaven and earth; Lin never paused on this journey, and even if what was before him had never been illuminated, he nevertheless paid little heed to the path he had taken.

Born in Kaohsiung in 1952, Lin Bo-liang is one of Taiwan's most important documentary photographers, and has long focused on the social topics that he has been concerned about. A member of the visual art group named "V-10”, Lin has relied on his photographic record of Taiwan's human landscape and the incorporation of ordinary people's lives within his photographs, to preserve a valuable record of the rapidly changing face of Taiwan following the lifting of martial law. This exhibition gathers more than 100 of Lin Bo-liang's photographs from the 1970s until the present. The exhibition is his first solo exhibition in which his photographs have been presented on the basis of his artistic chronology, and it also relies on narrative video and devices to describe the stories, remembered places, and reflections that underlie many of his photographs.
Date: 106.12.09- 107.03.04
Chronicle of the Ferryman Lin Bo-liang
Image:Chronicle of the Ferryman Lin Bo-liang

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