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Exhibiton Information 
2016 Kaohsiung Awards
NAME:2016 Kaohsiung Awards

New Plant Paradise
NAME:New Plant Paradise

Enjoy Writing!
NAME:Enjoy Writing!

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Boundary Narratives II—Dulan Impression
Exhibition Date: April 23th, 2016 to July 31th, 2016
Exhibition Venue: Gallery Room 105, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
Organized by the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor: HOPAX
Appointed projector Sponsor: EPSON

Sakuliu, Savatzuku Sgaulaw, Ruby Swana, Eleng Luluan, Imin Mavaliw,
Chen Cheng-jui, Siki, Tafong Kati, Hana Keliw, Jian Wei Bali ,Dou Hsiao Hua, Rao Aiqin, Heidi, Wang Yuwen

Continuing from its predecessor, the Boundary Narratives II—Dulan Impression exhibition features the works and manuscript series created by Sakuliu, an artist from the Paiwan tribe, when he traveled to Dulan village, where the villagers were mainly of the Amis tribe, and stayed at Sintung Sugar Factory. Titled “Dulan Impression”, this series of manuscripts are records of Sakuliu’s days of living in an indigenous tribe not of his own. After years of idleness, Sintung Sugar Factory has become a magnet for many artists from the other places in Taiwan coming here one after another as artists in residence to create their works and interact frequently with local artists.These artists painstakingly keep a distance away from the mainstream art in Taiwan, trying to maintain the purity of their love and commitment to art.
Date: 105.04.12- 105.07.31
Boundary Narratives II—Dulan Impression
Image:Boundary Narratives II—Dulan Impression

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