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Little Mona Lisa
NAME:Little Mona Lisa

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Little Mona Lisa
We Are All Mona Lisas—for children

About this Exhibition—A Letter for Parents

Mona Lisa, also called La Joconde in French or La Gioconda in Italian, is created by Leonardo da Vinci. However, people do not know much about this painting.

Who was actually the model in the painting? When did da Vinci start the painting? Who commissioned the painting? Did the client receive the painting? Why did da Vinci carry this painting around with him? When da Vinci was alive, there were already a group of followers, making imitations of his works. For example, Raphael painted several portraits in who the models posed just like that in Mona Lisa. Since the beginning of the 16th century, there have been a deluge of portraits of dressed or nude females in the Mona Lisa pose. These kinds of works are called “Giocondas” or “Giocandas”. The innovation of da Vinci in his Mona Lisa has changed the tradition of portraits.

With so many mysteries about it, Mona Lisa has become a captivating symbol of art and culture. Many artists in the past imitated this painting in order to appreciate and learn about da Vinci’s painting skills. By contrast, modern artists focus more on innovation and, instead of imitating the painting, they infuse their own creativity and twist into Mona Lisa to express their own ideas. For example, there is a re-interpretation of Mona Lisa rich in sarcasm by Duchamp, a narcissistic version of Mona Lisa by Dali… and many, many other different versions of Mona Lisa with metaphoric, poetic and introspective messages about life, technology and a wide variety of topics. In the modern context, there are kaleidoscopic images of Mona Lisa for people’s eyes.

This exhibition tells different stories about Mona Lisa, guiding viewers to meet different kinds of Mona Lisa in different times and spaces. In addition, there are imaginary and childlike re-interpretations of Mona Lisa by contemporary Taiwanese illustrators, adding more fun into the story-telling of this exhibition. There are also outfits especially designed for Mona Lisa by contemporary designs. This exhibition is intended to provide children opportunities of exploring different artistic styles and creative materials and coming up with their unique re-interpretations of Mona Lisa through their hand-on experiences and observations.


About this Exhibition—A word for kids:

Do you know which painting in Western art is the most famous to both young and old viewers? The answer is Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It is probably the most well-known painting in the world. Do you know why? Maybe you can find the answer in this exhibition, Little Mona Lisa!

The name, Lisa, is allegedly the name of the model in this painting, who was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a wealthy merchant in Florence, Italy. Mona is the abbreviation for “Madam” in Italian. Therefore, the title of the painting means “Madam Lisa”. When da Vinci was still alive, this painting was already a household name for its reflection of his mastery of painting skills, dynamic depiction of body posture and unique background in the painting.

The mysterious smile in this painting is so attractive that there have been many literature men writing poetry or novels praising its beauty and many artists making their imitations and re-interpretations of this painting in different ways. There are humorous, serious, comic… numerous different kinds of re-interpretations of Mona Lisa. Do you want to know each of them? In this exhibition, you can meet different kinds of Mona Lisa in history created by illustrators, designers, and many other artists.

Now, are you ready for the fun of meeting all different kinds of Mona Lisa?
Date: 102.06.14- 103.08.31
Tang Tang / Dong Dong Lisa / Oil on canvas / 53×45.5cm / 2013
Image:Tang Tang / Dong Dong Lisa / Oil on canvas / 53×45.5cm / 2013
Bei Lynn / Something Different in Her Smile / Pencil, computer-based coloring, collage and paper / 39.5×54.6cm×2 / 2013
Image:Bei Lynn / Something Different in Her Smile / Pencil, computer-based coloring, collage and paper / 39.5×54.6cm×2 / 2013
Barry Liou / Smile of Grandmom Lisa / Acrylic on paper / 52×38cm / 2013
Image:Barry Liou / Smile of Grandmom Lisa / Acrylic on paper / 52×38cm / 2013

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