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About us


Since its establishment in 2005, Art Accrediting has been a consistent voice expressing opinions and concerns on various issues, including the art development in Southern Taiwan, the practices of KMFA, indigenous artists and many more. Sabau! Haucha-Wang Yu-pang: Images Speaking Rukai and Sound of Footsteps on the Island ——Contemporary Austronesian Art Highlights in Taiwan are both the collection of our column articles, and Sabau even won “Excellent Publication” from the 41th Golden Tripod Awards For Publications.


After 15 years of its birth, to correspond with the reading evolution in this digital era, Art Accrediting decides to embrace digital transformation as it approaches 100 issues. We launch this website, where you are right now, to provide a more instant and convenient platform for discussion and update of KMFA’s practices. Meanwhile, every half year, we publish a print issue of a specific theme, and this June, it will feature “Pan-Austro-Nesian Arts Festival”, presenting articles dive into the behind-the-scenes curating and artmaking process. And the whole issue will have bilingual text of Chinese and English, hopefully reaching more readers abroad and promoting our artists to wider audience.


For English users, to review all issues of Art Accrediting, please click here. Each issue has English translation of contents and editor’s words. You can use the search engine of this page to cross-search as well.