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Art Accrediting No. 92

2022/05/23 Views:15
Art Accrediting No. 92

Between reality and fiction :Tony Oursler's world of art
June 2020 issue

Publisher Statement

【Featured Article】

  • Evolution and Characteristics ofTony Oursler’s Video Works
  • Tony Oursler Portfolio by Tony Oursler
  • Recursion of Phantasmagoria and Tony Oursler’s Super-retro Image Logic
  • Rock, Music Fans, and Music Video
【Contemporary Art in Context】
Dumb Type’s Avant-garde Audio-visual Pedigree

【Selection from the Museum Collection】
  • Beyond Politics, Behind Art: Mei Dean-E’s Humor
  • Ambiguity in Hung Cheng-Jen’s Images
  • Restraints and Vows: Chains about Readymades
  • Phantoms of Non-everyday Life: Phantom Objects Series by Tsai Yu-Ting