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Art Accrediting No. 93

2022/05/18 Views:15
Art Accrediting No. 93

A Feast of Illusions: Art Challenge for the Cloud Generation
August 2020 issue

Publisher’s Statement

【Contemporary Art of Context I 】

  • Before the End of the Epidenit Rethinking Visual Technology and "a Museum without Vision" | 宋世祥
  • I Want to See How You See: Curatorial Practices in Exhibiting Natual Reality | Ina Neddermeyer

【Featured Articles】

  • Two-dimensional World in ACG (Animation, Comics, and Games) and New Generation’s Creative Energy | 王佩迪
  • Recreating “KAWAII” (Cuteness): Anime Visual Signs in Japanese Modern Art | 梁世佑
  • Welcome to the Asylum: An Interview with Chang Teng-Yuan | 游承彥
  • An Observer of Endpoint and Equilibrium: An Interview with Tsai Shih-Hung | 鄭友寧
  • The Way to Take off Tags in an Art Museum: Classic Skin Flick by Chang Li-Ren | 金恬綺
  • The Emptiness in the Virtual World Is the Best Medium to Provoke Imagination: An Interview with Chung He-Hsien | 林承緯
  • A Guide to Experience the Margins of the World: Paintings/Comics by Ding Pao-Yen | 徐柏涵

【Contemporary Art of Context II 】
Flourishing a State through Agriculture; Intervening Art through Agriculture: Walking Grass Agriculture | 蔡玉庭