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Art Accrediting No. 95

2022/05/18 Views:16
Art Accrediting No. 95

Museum for All: City Living Room for All Livings
December 2020

Publisher Statement

【Special Report】

  • From Sacred Ritual Space to Everyday Aesthetics: Have You Been to a Museum Today? | Pao-Ning Yin
  • Relating to The Environment and Creating Connections: Brisbane's Grand
  • Living Room, The Gallery Of Modern Art | Ching-Wen Huang
  • I Design Museums for a Living. Here's Why Their Boarded-Up Lobbies Are Sending All the Wrong Messages Right Now |Florian Idenburg (Chinese Translation: Sandy Hao-Chun Chiang)
  • The Museum in a New Era and Educational Activities in New Forms: The Artistic and Ecological Experiments of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts | Yuan-Shuen Chang
  • The Mediator of Inspiration and Knowledge—The Community Role
  • of Switzerland's Musée de l'Élysée | Shao-Yu Chen
  • Towards Cultural Accessibility and Social Inclusion: Observations About Cultural Accessibility in Taiwanese Art Museums | Chia-Li Chen
  • History Unmasked, and Queer Emerges—How do British History Museums
  • Contribute to Contemporary Dialogues About LGBT+? | Lo Tsao
  • Art is not a Human Privilege: On the Exhibition That Invites Dogs into The Museum, Museum For All, Museum For Dogs | LEE Bo-Ram

【Contemporary Art of Contect】

  • From Shanshui and Landscape to Fengjing Paintings—Contemplations Inspired by Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts’“Reading the Landscape: Time Traveling with Museum Collections”|Chong-Ray Hsiao
  • Relativity in Mediation: Yun-Ting Hung, the Artist who Traverses Time and Space| Tsai-Shan Tsui
  • Can’t You Speak Plainly? A Brief Review of Playing to The Gallery: Helping Contemporary Art in its Struggle to be Understood|Hsiu-Tsen Liu