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Art Accrediting No. 94

2022/05/18 Views:14
Art Accrediting No. 94

Whose Memory? #Austronesian Contemporary Art
October 2020 issue

Publisher Statement

【Featured Articles】

  • Austronesian Memory in Field Work | Ming, Li-Kuo
  • Between Action and Fiction: Becoming and Articulation of Finding the Way and Finding Sayun | Ching-Ying Huang
  • Urban Fables in Real Virtuality: Weird Austronesian Narrations in Greg Semu's Photographs | Nita Lo
  • From Posture to Action: Real Men Series: Action Intuition (Observation of Kaynga's Curatorial Practice in 2020 Pulima Art Festival) | Hsu, Ching-Yeh
  • Curating Togetherness Towards Performative Indigeneity between Eleng Luluan and Biung Ismahasan | Biung Ismahasan
  • From "the Tribal" to "the International": the Interdisciplinary Contemporary Dance Experiment of Tjimur Dance Theatre | Chang, I-Wen
  • Utopia in Another World: A Symphony of Signs on the Floating Island | Chin, Tien-Chi
  • Do Thieves Have Their Code of Honor? Is Theft in the Museum as a Kind of Cultural Action? | Hsieh, Yu-Ting

【Recommended Book】

  • Sabau! Haucha ― Wang Yu-pang: Images Speaking Rukai | Lin, Jia-He
  • Sound of Footsteps on the Island- Contemporary Austronesian Art Highlights in Taiwan | Hsu, Po-Han