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《藝術認證》No. 97(2021.12)逐光物語
Art Accrediting No. 97: Stories of Light Chasers


 * 約翰‧伯格,〈論可見性〉,《觀看的視界》,頁303(台北:麥田,2021)。



▎高美書屋 Kollection
  • 地點:高美館 北大廳
  • 營業時間:週二至週日,上午9:30至下午5:30
  • 聯絡電話:(07)5550331 分機253

 I. 為城市之夜喝采 Light in Art/Festivals
II. 逐光的人 Features
III. 展覽迴響 Exhibition Insights
IV. 南島當代 Whose Memory?


By definition, "light" is the fundamental basis for “sight” and “vision”. It is inseparable from human’s cognition of the outside world. Colors, shapes, spaces, visual aesthetics......We can say that it was first because of light so that our eyes could start to see and our civilizations formed.
As the use of electric generators became widely available in the 20th century, artificial light has become part of the urban landscape and city operation. Long, dark and mysterious nights have gradually taken on a different appearance. Streets are illuminated, cell phone screens glow with blue light, neon signs flash, and the nightlife of metropolitan men and women is extended indefinitely ...... It is as if an entire generation has evolved around artificial light. On such a basis, it is only natural that artificial light has become an important form of artistic expression, or even an inquiry or symbol of contemporary life.    
This issue of Art Accrediting is all about light, titled “Stories of Light Chasers.” Special focus is given to visual art creation that drew inspiration from artificial light. The light that blooms in pitch darkness is undoubtedly so powerful and eye-catching. Moderate degree of shade enhances the viewers’ experience of light and structure, blurring out interfering backgrounds, guiding the eye to focus on where it should, and at times even reversing the original appearance of the space.

I. Light in Art/Festivals  
 “This is the arrangement of art”: Introduction to the Use of Light and Artificial Light in Western Art    |CHANG Lin  
Renaissance of Night: Light Art and London’s City Development|Savi LIN   
A Festival of Light and Shadow Across History—Lyon Festival of Lights |WU Yi-Hsuan        
II. Features    
Floating Lights, Candle Lights, Playing with Light and Cultivating Light: Transformations of the KuanDu Light Art Festival|DAY Jia-Min      
Space and Sentiment- YAO Chung-Han’s World of Sound and Light|CHENG Yu-Ning  
Clusters of Light and Shadow in the Digital Ecosystem—Interview with New Media Artist WANG Lien-Cheng|CHEN Chung-Hsien      
Lighting the Sky in Ever-Changing Time—Interview with artist CHUANG Chih-Wei |Davey LIN     
More than Light: Interview with WINNOWORK “Wo Shou” Founders TSAI Yi-Ting and TSAI Chi-Hong|Sid CHEN      
Natural Poetry of Artificial Light—Video and Light Installations of Barry Underwood|HSU Po-Han     
III. Exhibition Insights   
Spiritual Geography and a Contemporary Turn of Ocean Currents: Thousand Waves of the Pan-Austro-Nesian Arts Festival|GONG Jow-Jiun  
The Sovereign Desire of “Austronesian” and the Techniques of Dismantling in the Pan-Austro-Nesian Arts Festival|LIN Hao-Li
When Light Meets Darkness at the Children’s Art Museum and Art Education Programs        |YEN Sian-Yang     
IV. 南島當代記憶 Whose Memory? 
The Aesthetics and Performance of Pasibutbut, a Bunun Prayer for Millet Harvest|Ming Li-Kuo     
Interview with Bunun Artist Haisulel Balalavi| HSU Po-Han 
V.  Abstract