Color Solid of Mei-Nung—Solo Exhibition by Lian Jin-Jhu

2018.06.09 - 2018.08.12 KMFA Galleries 401-402

Mei-Nung, a little town in southern Taiwan nearby Central Mountain Range, is three-side surrounded by mountains. The beautiful natural landscapes, the views of rice fields, tobacco fields and other farms, and the special buildings such as tobacco barns and courtyards give Mei-Nung a reputation as its name suggests. Mei-Nung was originally a place where many Hakkas people started from scratch and made their way out. Because of the beautiful scenery and the pleasant weather, many people gradually moved to this place, rooted and became a part of this land. Lian Jin-Jhu moved here after she retired, cultivating this land and making it a better place.
The theme of the exhibition is “Color Solid of Mei-Nung.” Hue, Value, and Chroma are three essential elements that form up color. Color Solid is a sample that displaces these three elements. Lian used multiple skills of watercolors and the concept of Color Solid to present different angles of Mei-Nung. There’s Hue, Value, and Chroma in the structure of Color Solid. Viewing her paintings is as joyful as bathing in the colorful mountains, farmlands, and fields.
She uses watercolor as a medium and infuses the paintings with a great deal of seasonal, sunny, and daylight changes. The dazzling watercolor paints represent the mountains, water and valleys of the Mei-Nung. The old brick houses hidden in the mountains and the everyday life of earnest Mei-Nung people are also Lian’s favorite painting topics. During her years in the mountains, there are farming families, crops growing and harvesting. She indulged herself in “water” and “color” of the town. The integration and rendering of water and pigments make the picture as warm and humid as Mei-Nung’s weather, very comforting and cheerful.
This time, Ms. Lian Jin-Jhu exhibited a series of watercolors and oil paintings of tobacco barns, sunsets, and old houses. In addition to preserve the beautiful scenery of Mei-Nung, a place full of great mountains, great water, and good people, she also hopes to enhance people’s artistic appreciation and furthermore cherish the beautiful environment we live in.