Visitor Notices

■ Visitors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years old.

■ Except for guide dogs, pets and plants are not allowed in the museum.

■ When visiting the museum, please turn your cellphone to vibration mode or muted. If you need to answer a call or request an online guided tour, please lower the volume or use earphones.

■ We ask you not to bring dangerous items, sharp objects, food, beverages, balloons, helmets, selfie sticks, and tripods to the museum. Upon entering, please place water bottles, short umbrellas, and small toys in your bags (if they do not fit, please leave them at the free coin lockers.) Long umbrellas (excluding assistive devices) should be stored at the umbrella stand.          

■ In order to protect all exhibits, roller skates, skateboards, bikes, and baby tricycles with push handles are not permitted inside the museum.

■ As you admire the exhibits, please keep a safe distance from them; if any wheelchairs are used, please keep a distance between them and the exhibits.

■ To prevent irreversible damage to the exhibits, pencils are the only means of taking notes at the museum.

■ Touching is prohibited on all museum exhibits except those marked "for interactive purposes."

■ Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum. Eating, including chewing gum and betel nuts, as well as drinking water are also prohibited.  Go to the areas where water dispensers are available to drink water if you need it.

■ The photography of exhibits is allowed for non-commercial purposes unless specified otherwise to ensure a smooth visit and protect intellectual property rights. However, flashlights, tripods, and other auxiliary equipment that create artificial light for professional photography are not permitted. Video recording is also prohibited.

■ Please store your travel bags, suitcases, and backpacks (personal items bigger than the size of A3) at the front desk where the storage service for large luggage is available. Free coin lockers are available in the basement.  The stored items must be retrieved the same day they are stored.  The museum is not responsible for these items and can dispose of them as it sees fit.

■ Selling items, distributing flyers, and promotional materials, and engaging in any commercial activities are prohibited in all exhibition halls.