Children’s Museum of Art

Stimulating Creative Thinking Through Games and Experiences

In 2005, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts was supported by the "Local Community Museum Project" implemented by the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan (now the Ministry of Culture), and transformed the "visitor service center" into the first public children's art museum in Taiwan with an emphasis on the "synesthesia" and "constructiveness" of children's learning.

The Children's Art Museum provides children and parents with a learning setting involving art, environment, and hands-on activities. The museum not only invites artists to specifically create thematic exhibits and interactive, educational exhibitions for children, but organizes from time to time promotional projects suitable for parents, children, and families on specific holidays, weekends, during the lunar New Year, and summer vacations. These projects include educational and entertaining activities like "storytelling," "family guided tour," "workshop," "summer camp," "detective challenge," and "handmade challenge," providing children with an environment of art learning informed with imagination and real experience. Integrating the concept of "hands-on" activities, the museum also publishes exhibition game books and bridge books, which have won national awards for publication.

As the ideal of cultural equality has become more widely accepted, the Children's Art Museum also extends its promotional work into schools. Each year, the exhibits taken down from exhibitions are re-organized and toured in remote schools, which not only extends the value of the exhibits but also creates new possibility between the museum and more schools. The Children's Art Museum has used limited resources to accumulate much energy to increate and maximize the impact. It is hoped that the Children's Art Museum can serve as the central site of children's art education in northern Kaohsiung while becoming the most essential base for promoting art in southern Taiwan.