Children’s Museum of Art

The Children’s Museum of Art is located in the northern part of the NeiweipiCulturalPark. In 2005, the Visitor Center in the park was renovated to become the Children’s Museum of Art, a three-story building with an outdoor landscape garden where visitors can enjoy culture, art, education, recreation, game playing, and ecological environment.


Among the public museums in Taiwan, the Children’s Museum of Art is the first art museum dedicated to children. Different from schools’ art and culture education, it blends museum education and art education for children, as well as combines interactive displays and art education activities. Moreover, it curates thematic exhibitions to provide diversified, interesting, and vibrant educational displays, allowing children to learn art through play, creativity, observation, exploration, imagination, and hands-on experience. 


In the future, the museum will combine the eco-friendly NeiweipiCulturalPark and the existing resources of the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts to enhance and promote art education for children, integrate community and school resources, and fulfill its mission which embraces “ecology, environment, culture, and art.”


The courtyard is a semi-open space, where art works, space, and game playing are combined together to enable children to experience art directly and interact with art works.

Outdoor Sandpit

The approximately 50-meter-long sandpit is a paradise for children, where they can not only play sand and games, but also develop their creativity and imagination. This area provides children with opportunities to make friends and build interpersonal relationships.

Footprint Garden Maze

This is a small world full of innocent joy. For many children, it is a secret garden, where they can also play treasure hunt or hide-and-seek with their parents. It is a place for family members to enjoy art, leisure, and interactive learning together.