Contextuality of The Fold — The Ceramics Exhibition of Lee Yuan-cheng

2018.06.09 - 2018.08.12 KMFA Galleries 403, Multi-Purpose Room

The exhibition ‘Contextuality of The Fold’ presents a selection of recent ceramic works of Lee Yuan-cheng, the associate professor of Chang Jung Christian University. It demonstrates the artist’s aesthetic style through plastic forms of ceramics and focuses on his artistic concept in the thesis of ‘The Fold’.
Including a series of wood-fired ceramic works with the natural textures of falling dust and melt marks, the exhibition alludes to a pure, classical sense of beauty. By creating the fold, the cave, the distortion and the craze, the works displayed illustrate the variation in pattern, and, together, depict language and form as a readable textuality.
Lee Yuan-cheng’s practice intends to be freed from the conventional concepts of object’s functional usage in order to address pure abstraction. Between the organic shapes, both abstract and concrete, it summons up body imagery and a newborn figuration. A particular life, rhythm and energy are approached by those tangled figures that are germinating, stretching, transforming, and collapsing. Behind the rich symbolic textures, it delivers an expression of spirituality.
Through intuition and contingency, the ceramic sculptures look at the dialogue between the ego and the self – an interior view. The artist deliberates between natural forms by his intentional actions. Immersed in sensational materiality and textuality, the contextuality of the inner folding represents spatial artistry through purely abstract forms. It creates an occasion where instinct and material meet, unconsciousness and consciousness merge into the imagined landscape.