Multiplicity of Folk Art

2023.04.29 - 2023.08.06 KMFA Gallery 203

 About the Exhibition:
In different eras, creators who immerse themselves in folk culture attempt to explore the characteristics of the land through art. The title of this exhibition is intended to manifest the core concept of the exhibition: how do artists, from the “present” of each era, look back at the land and traditional culture, find inspiration for creating works with contemporaneity, reveal meanings hidden in folk art such as craftsmanship, and embrace multiple approaches to interpretation?
The exhibition presents works from the KMFA collection dated after the 1950s, many of which are new acquisitions last year, including worship-related images, naïve art with folk flavor, deity forms in folklore, and works with new local meanings created by means of pop art, performance art, and readymade collage and incorporated with artists’ folk experiences. In the exhibition, these categories which have long been excluded from Western modernity restart dialogues. Based on the qualities of folklore, religion, body, land, and immigration, they create a space-time dimension between the present and the past; from the thought of continuous replication, they move into the future. Thus, there is not only a reflection of the historical traces of a southern city, but also a possibility to open up transnational dialogues, demonstrating the spirit of historical pluralism in the KMFA collection.
Lin Yuan, Tseng Pei-yao, Hung Chin-pao, Hsu Yuan-fu, Hsia Yan, Liao Shiou-ping, Hou Chin-Lang,  Lu Ming-te, Lee Ming-sheng, Su Wong-shen, Hwang Chin Ho, Huang Chih-wei, Lin Yi-chi
Advisory Organization|Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Organizer|Kaohsiung museum of Fine Arts
Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor | HOPAX
Executive Supervisor|Chen Hsiu-wei
Curator& Curatorial Execution| Chen Yen-ching,  Lai Y-iyun
Exhibition Deign|Fengju Kuo
Graphic Deign|Ideaform Co.