Moving & Migration

2019.07.11 - 2019.10.13 Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

Migration gives rise to human history. Why do humans choose to migrate? What is the driving force behind it? Jointly curated by Shang-Lin Wu, an independent curator from Taiwan, and Kim Yoonseo, a curator from Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (GMoMA) in South Korea, this exhibition focuses on discussing the processes and mutual influences of human migration among different regions. In addition, it also reflects the problems facing society and environment nowadays and explores how artists look at history and discover the actual contents and meanings hidden behind the society and communities they belong to. In this international partnership exhibition between Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA) and Gyeonggi MoMA, totally 22 artists of 19 groups were invited from both home and abroad to present their outstanding works of different types. Held already at KMFA from February 23rd to May 19th, this exhibition will be held at GMoMA from July 11th to October 13th.

● Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art : 

參展藝術家 Artists
安遊麗 An Yuri (KR)
安聖惠Eleng LuLuan (TW)
高俊宏 Kao Junhonn (TW)
侯淑姿Hou Lulu Shur-Tzy (TW)
許淑真&盧建銘 Hsu Su-Chen & Lu Chien-Ming (TW)
丁宰澈 Jeoung Jae Choul (KR)
金玉善Kim Oksun (KR)
李汶周Lee Moon Joo (KR)
李宇城Lee Woosung (KR)
林介文Labay Eyong (TW)
盧昱瑞Lu Yu-Jui (TW)
Mixrice (KR)
羅賢Na Hyun (KR)
尼爾斯・克羅斯 & 李宇道Nils Clauss & Lee Udo (GR & KR)
沈昭良 Shen Chao-Liang (TW)
線無Sun Mu (KR)
多馬索・木奇Tommaso Muzzi (IT)
姚瑞中Yao Juichung (TW)
尹洙竫 Yoon Soo Jung (KR)

沈昭良 Stage系列 2008-2014 彩色噴墨輸出   
 Shen Chao-Liang Stage series Inkject C Print


A glimpse of the exhibition

丁宰澈  藍色海洋計劃  2016  海洋垃圾  尺寸可變 
Jeoung Jae Choul  Blue Ocean Project  Ocean trash  dimensions variable

尹洙竫  品茶之旅日誌  複合媒材裝置  隨空間調整
Yoon Soo Jung  Tea Travel Dairy  Mixed media installation

尼爾斯˙克羅斯 & 李宇道    流變    2018   單頻道錄像
Nils Clauss & Udo Lee  IN FLUX   Single channel video


A glimpse of the exhibition

李汶周  梨浦洑  2011  壓克力顏料、畫布  200×320cm
Lee Moon Joo  IPOBO  Acrylic on canvas

林介文  Bubu  2017  複合媒材裝置  隨空間調整
Labay Eyong  Bubu  Mixed media installation

A glimpse of the exhibition

侯淑姿 二部曲:長日將盡  彩色攝影輸出
A glimpse of the exhibition
Hou Lulu Shur-tzy Episode II Remains of the Day   C-Print Photography

A glimpse of the exhibition 
Yao Juichung Long Life series

展場一景。 A glimpse of the exhibition

展場一景。許淑真&盧建銘 〈流亡的種子〉
A glimpse of the exhibition
Hsu Su-Chen & Lu Chien Ming Seed of Refugee

線無  炸彈酒  2016  油彩、畫布  72×90cm
Sun Mu  Bomb Shot  Oil on Canvas