ZODIAC RABBIT Painting Exhibition at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

2023.03.09 - 2023.05.14 KMFA Lobby

Year 2023 will be the Chinese zodiac year of the rabbit, Xue Xue Foundation invites artist Tsong Pu to create the prototype of rabbit. Inspired by the long-eared rabbit in " Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", the geometric cylinder is used as a magic top hat, as if it is about to transform into a cute and lively rabbit, hoping that people can overcome difficulties and move forward boldly in the new year! Meanwhile, art teachers were encouraged to lead cultural colors themed painting programs that bring out the recognition of hometown nature, history, and culture. The exhibition includes near a thousand painted rabbit artworks by students in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Chiayi, Tainan, Taitung and Penghu, demonstrates a variety of color observation and students’ abundant creativity in art.

Supported by: Ministry of Education
Organized by: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, XUE XUE Foundation
Co-Organized by: Shihlien Group
Special Thanks: Tsong Pu Art studio, Rainbow Paint
Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor: HOPAX