I-Chih Lee : Conversational Creations of People and Places

2024.03.02 - 2024.04.21 KMFA B1 KSpace


"Collective" encompasses both concrete and abstract concepts. People form communities, societies; residences continuously gather, and structural forms gradually expand into cities, leading to interdependent development. Abstract collectives trigger consciousness, sparking discourse, action, and giving rise to life relationships, social values, and the spirit of a place.

This exhibition reveals artist I-Chih Lee's exploration of the dynamic relationship between "people and places." Through works such as "Cityscape: Cyanotype," "Big Port: 100 Silk Banners of Life, " "My Life's Melodies," "Big Port: Silk Banners of Life, Chapter of Migrant Workers," and "Eel Tide," the exhibition invites participants from diverse communities, generations, cultures, languages, and nationalities to engage in this dialogical creation, fostering collaborative relationships and co-creation experiences.

I-Chih Lee

Graduated from the Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Art at National Kaohsiung Normal University, Lee is also known as an active organizer of the University Social Responsibility (USR) Projects at National Sun Yat-Sen University. Focused on the issues of urban and rural development, civic engagement, socially-engaged art, curation, community building, and local revitalization, Lee’s works often relate to humanities, traditional crafts, folk aesthetics, and local wisdom. He has co-authored "Life in a Harbor City: Yen Cheng Alleys" and "Life in a Harbor City: Ci Jin Islanders" with Lin Pei-Ying, and also curated "Alley Encounters – Ci Jin Local Aesthetic Festival"(2016) and the "Exchanging Views: The Neostalgic Era (2018)," which is jointly nominated for the Taishin Arts Award. In 2022, Lee jointly curated "Deploy in Shoushan: Exhibition in Sizihwan Bay Tunnel" in Taiwan Design Expo with Kelio Arts, which is awarded Shopping Design BEST100, Golden Pin Design Award, Red Dot Award, and the MUSE Design Awards. He also coordinated with National Sun Yat-sen University's "Cijin Social Innovation Base" project, which is awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD for Regional Revitalization (2023). Also, Lee is a co-founder of a start-up brand "Shan Jin Wu," focusing on reviving traditional fishing flag techniques for preservation and application.

Yves Chun-Ta Chiu

Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Future Design at Tamkang University, Chiu holds a Ph.D. in Art Creation Theory from the National Tainan University of the Arts. He has long been engaged in issues related to local design aesthetics, and in recent years has been involved in curating significant projects such as the "Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial" (2019), "RePlace-Transition, Correlation, Regeneration" (2021), "Public Life Expo" (2022) ; and series of the cross-regional art festival "Yun-Chia-Chia-Ying VISUAL ART LINK" among Yunlin, Chiayi and Xinying county: "Mobile Village" (2021), "12% of the Sky" (2022), "Tidal-lounged Zone. " (2023)

Opening:2 March 2024, 14:30
Opening Forum:2 March 2024, 15:30-16:30
l   I-Chih Lee, Artist, Coordinator of the “The City as a Commuseum” USR Project at National Sun Yat-sen University
l   Yves Chun-Ta Chiu, Curator, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Future Studies at Tamkang University
l   Pei-Kuei Tsai, Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Art at National Kaohsiung Normal University