2021.07.24 - 2021.10.31 KMFA Gallery 105


World-renowned artist Yoshitomo Nara brought with him to Taiwan his latest painting, dozens of drawings, and other paintings, drawings, and sculptures most symbolic of his artworks to the Yoshitomo Nara Special Exhibition held in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.
After the show at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, all of the 53 pieces of works have toured to the second venue – Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.
At this moment, People here are struggling to overcome the challenges of another severer COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan since this May. To express his encouragement and confidence on the efforts that people of Taiwan have been making to prevent the pandemic, Yoshitomo Nara added 26 pieces of works to the exhibition at Kaohsiung, including a newly finished painting, 8 drawings made in this March during the 14-day home quarantine upon his arrival in Taiwan in order to install the exhibition at the first venue, and two paintings of Yamako Sisters as well as a series of 15 photographic works entitled Traveling Yamako. His emotions would be communicated through his works which have always been a comfort to people.
Having overcome the distress brought by the 2011Tohoku Earthquake, Yoshitomo Nara spent several years to reapproach the canvas, this time slowing down the pace, to converse with his work. He reemerged with an emblematic work and embarked on the path toward greater stability and authenticity.
This is the first oversea exhibition of his 2020 project, Miss Moonlight. The painting presents calmness in the face of sufferings and serenity of a healing soul. After months of preparation, Nana spent 10 days to gently complete his latest work on Taiwan, Hazy Humid Day. This work is not only a dedication to Taiwan, where he visited several times, but also the best encouragement to himself for his insistence for artistic creations.
As we observe the 10th commemoration of 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, spectators in Taiwan get a chance to witness Yoshitomo Nara’s persistence for staying true to his initial creative intention and join his journey from an end goal to another new starting point.

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