minä perhonen/minagawa akira TSUZUKU

2022.10.22 - 2023.02.19 KMFA gallery 104-105

minä perhonen is a brand founded by Japanese designer Akira Minagawa (1967-). The initial vision of the brand was that would continue at least for 100 years. The title of the exhibition, Tsuzuku (Japanese: つづく), has the meaning of continuing. Accordingly, the word also represents the concept of temporal continuity of the brand, and it connotes connection, linkage, joining hands, and circulation, which conjures the image of creative energy generated by the interaction of people and things.
minä perhonen creates fashion with universal value, which does not follow trends. Through the interplay of design and joy, the brand has led the way for special clothing for everyday life in Japan, and its philosophy of being close to the people and their everyday lives have been loved and appreciated around the world.
Akira Minagawa is regarded as one of the key figures in Japanese contemporary design and also has a distinctive status in the international fashion design world. Minagawa started his fashion brand minä in 1995 (the name was changed to minä perhonen in 2003) with an aspiration to establish a brand that would continue at least for 100 years. Simultaneously, he hopes that the brand can continue to thrive even in the absence of the founding designer.
Moreover, mina means I/me in Finnish, and perhonen means butterfly. The brand applies various fabrics with diverse patterns to its fashions, just like the varied patterns of the wings of butterflies.
minä perhonen exhibition is highly popular in Japan. It was the inaugural exhibition for the reopening of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 2019, and following by touring in Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art (2020), Fukuoka Art Museum (2022), and Aomori Museum of Art (2022). The exhibition will be held overseas for the first time this October in Taiwan and bring the spectacular contents of Tsuzuku to Kaohsiung City.
In order to present the Tsuzuku exhibition perfectly, the exhibition also invited Kaoru Kasai, a renowned Japanese graphic designer, to be the main visual designer and architect Tsuyoshi Tane to plan eight thematic spaces in accordance with the site of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. It is a complete showcase of the development of minä perhonen to date.
Accordingly, the exhibits will include not only products, such as textiles, clothes, interior goods, and tableware, but also artworks and materials, such as video, printed materials, and Minagawa’s original design drawings and illustrations to shed light on what underlies these creations. Without doubts, this is going to be a great opportunity for Taiwanese audiences to experience and be introduced to the creativity and philosophy of minä perhonen and Akira Minagawa.

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