Distance from the Landscape: Huang Facheng Solo Exhibition

2024.07.06 - 2024.08.25 KMFA B1 KSpace

Huang Fa-Cheng’s artwork primarily explores the relationship between humans and their environment, juxtaposing diverse elements, images, and themes with a touch of humor. He often incorporates diverse human activities such as diving, dancing, and rock climbing into his pieces. Through absurd and estranged scenes, he seeks to contemplate the interaction and distance between humans and their surroundings.
This exhibition presents the creative journey since 2017, shedding light on the shifts in artistic reflection spurred by the pandemic and its aftermath. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness different creative stages from various periods, providing insights into the evolution of the artist’s artistic style.


 About the Artist 
Huang Fa-Cheng
Fa-Cheng was born in Chiayi in 1982 and is now based in Kaohsiung. His creative process begins with styles of cartoons and comics. He created a funny character Xiaoming and worked on diverse topics and sites. Shocked by the change of coastal landforms in his hometown, which was so different from his childhood memory, he started to work on the theme of the relation between the environment and humans in 2008.

6 July, Sat, 2:30 pm