Mirror of the World-Gifts to KMFA 2021-2023

2024.03.23 - 2024.05.19 KMFA Galleries 101~103

Having overcome the challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic together with the world, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA) is now heading towards the dawn—its 30th anniversary. KMFA appreciates artists, artists’ family, private collectors, and others for generously donating precious artworks during the period of the pandemic from 2021 to 2023, who tirelessly and selflessly share with the public the unique warmth and spiritual healing from artworks. This not only helps to achieve the goal of KMFA’s South Plus Collection Project, but also responds to the artists’ passion for making art and mission to care for society. With the concept of “art sharing and cultural regeneration,” they have inspired the positive energy of the people of Taiwan to get through the most difficult moments together.
Mirror of the World mirrors the artists’ and the donors’ cherishing love for the world around them. Looking at the donated collections, we can see Japanese artists’ enjoyment in depicting Taiwanese subtropical landscapes during their travel to Taiwan in Japanese colonial period, Taiwanese senior artists’ reflections on domestic or foreign cultures and landscapes, and the persevering attitude towards life inherited from senior artists. We can also see some works which transcend traditional techniques of rendering brushstrokes and compositions, using the shape and form of ink to interpret the inner world. In addition, some works, in response to modernity and the nativist literature movement, represent simple feelings oscillating between imagination and mental images. Some southern artists observe social movements, historical events, and even environmental changes to express opinions and sarcasm in non-verbal way. With a diversity of topics and the expansion of narratives, the donated collections also include works which scientifically explore the operation of life system, works of performance art which intervene in society and city, and works which worry about the issues such as the impacts and vicissitudes of immigrant society and urban culture. Consequently, from ancient times to the present, artists in Taiwan or in other places seemingly understand destiny, who express feelings through landscapes, address thoughts with objects, and sincerely fulfill their social missions.

 藝術家 Artists 
土地的凝視 Gaze at the Land
Onchi Koshiro  Hayashi Shigeyoshi  Fan Hung-chia  He Te-lai  Liu Chi-hsiang  Lin Yuan
Chang Yi-hsiung  Tseng Pei-yao  Lo Ching-yun  Hou Li-jen  Lin Sheng-hsiung
生命的關懷 Care for Life
Hou Chin-lang
現代性的視野 Visions of Modernity
Hwang Buh-ching  Y. J. Cho  Ni Tsai-chin  Lien Chien-hsing  Chang Kuang-ho
Han Hsu-tung  Lee Chang-hsin  Echo Lew  Lin Hong-wen  Wu Meng-chang
Dang Ruo-hung  Thomas Tjapaltjarri
默觀東方  Contemplation on the Orient
Li An-cheng  Wang Hsin-feng  Tsai Shih-mei  Tsai Hsien-yiu  Chen Yung-mo
Lee Ming-tse  Chien Fu-chuan  Chu Chen-nan
南方的語境 Context of the South
Chen Shui-tsai  Su Zhi-che  Chuang Ming-chi  Chang Sin-pi  Huang Chih-wei  Lai Hsin-lung
多元視角 Diversity of Perspectives
Lin Pey-chwen  Lin Pey-chwen  Huang Hsin-chien  Matthew Day Jackson  
Euglena Program of Art--Lu Mu-jen, Chiao Sheng-wei
Huang Fa-cheng

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