South as a Place of Changes: Kaohsiung Art Voice from 1970s to 1990s

2023.02.25 - 2024.09.08 KMFA Galleries 301~305

This exhibition, South as a Place of Changes, is the second exhibition of our “Constructing historical pluralism from the KMFA collection” initiative. As a research exhibition that focuses on the history of art development in Greater Kaohsiung from the 1970s to the 1990s, this exhibition includes over 100 works from KMFA’s collection and works from lending collectors complemented with historical documents, taking us back to those years during and after the martial law period where the long suppressed energies of creativity were suddenly released, those years when artists continued to learn know knowledge, have dialectical self-reflection, and seek peer recognition and meanings of existence even though they were caught in between identification with Taiwan and with China, between localization and internationalization, between artistic creation and reality. By proactively developing their own rhetoric of art, artists not only pursued changes to the constraints in family, politics, society, history, culture, and language but also found the way to air their “voices" in their time.

‧ Supervisor: Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
‧ Organizer: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts 
‧ Co-organizers: Kaohsiung Public Library (Kaohsiung Literary Museum); Kaohsiung Film Archive; Tainan University of Technology; Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages; National Museum of ‧ Taiwan Literature; Shih Ming Te Foundation; and Zhong Lihe Culture and Education Foundation
‧ Curatorial & Executive Team of KMFA: Nita Lo (Head of the Research and Development Department); Chen Hsiu-wei (Head of the Collections Department); and Wu Hui-fang (Curator of the Exhibition Department)
‧ Co-curators and Research Team of the “Connections between KMFA’s Collection and the Martial Law Period” Project: Huang Wen-yung (Associate Professor, Dept. of Fine Arts, Tainan University of Technology); Cheng Sheng-Hua (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Fine Arts, TUT); and Hsu Woan-Jen (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Fine Arts, TUT)
‧ Curatorial Support: Chen Yen Ching; Liao Yu Chin; and Wu Cai-Zhen
‧ De-rusted and Freshly Painted: Industry and Art of Kaohsiung│Lu Yu-jui & Communal House Documentary Studio

▲The following are the art education and promotion activities of this exhibition held on an irregular basis. Please check the official website of this exhibition for more information.
‧ What a time! Voice from KMFA & Wenzao Arty Podcast: Department of Communication Arts/Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
‧ What a time! Voice from KMFA II: Gallery Talks Series of “Transforming from Angry Youth to Active Youth”
‧ Exhibition Display & Graphic Design: Folder (Esther Zheng & Mei-rong Song)
‧ Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor (Kaohsiung Venue): HOPAX 

展出藝術家 Participating Artists
陳庭詩 Chen Ting-shih (1913-2002)
何明績 Ho Ming-chi (1921-2002)
曾培堯 Tseng Pei-yao (1927-1991)
杜巴男 Valialane (1930-2008)
洪傳桂 Hung Chuan-kuei (1931-2013)
蔡水林 Tsay Shoei-lin (1932-2015)
朱沉冬 Chu Chen-tung (1933-1990)
陳甲上 Chen Chia-shang (1933-2023)
羅清雲 Lo Ching-yun (1934-1995)
施明正 Shi Ming-zheng (1935-1988)
張文卿 Chang Wen-chin (1936-1977)
李朝進 Lee Chau-chin (1941-)
陳正雄 Chen Cheng-hsiung (1942-)
許⼀男 Hsu I-nan (1943-)
王國柱 Oňg Kok-thiā (1945-)
陳水財 Chen Shui-tsai (1946-)
洪根深 Hung Ken-shen (1946-)
葉竹盛 Yeh Chu-sheng (1946-)
區超蕃 Ou Chu-fan (1947-)
蘇信義 Su Hsin-yi (1948-)
謝德慶 Hsieh Teh-Ching (1950-)
盧明德 Lu Ming-te (1950-)
陳榮發 Chen Jung-fa (1952-)
倪再沁 Ni Tsai-chin (1955-2015)
吳梅嵩 Wu Mei-song (1955-2023)
陳隆興 Chen Long-sing (1955-)
蘇志徹 Su Zhi-che (1955-)
張新丕 Chang Sin-pi (1955-)
莊明旗 Chuang Ming-chi (1955-)
顏明邦 Yen Ming Pang (1955-)
宋清田 Sung Ching-tien (1956-)
許自貴 Hsu Tzu-kuey (1956-)
吳天章 Wu Tien-chang (1956-)
何經泰 Ho Ching-tai (1956-)
李俊賢 Lee Jiun-shyan (1957-2019)
洪龍木 Hung Lung-mu (1957-)
木殘 Mu Tsan (1957-)
李明則 Lee Ming-tse (1957-)
劉高興 Liu Kao-sing (1958-)
謝三泰 Hsieh San-tai (1958-)
王武森 Wang Wu-sen (1959-)
劉丁讚 Liu Ting-tsan (1959-)
侯聰慧 Hou Tsung-hui (1960-)
林鴻文 Lin Hong-wen (1961-)
楊順發 Yang Shun-fa (1964-)
蔡獻友 Tsai Hsien-yiu (1964-)