Silent World

2023.08.26 - 2023.12.03 KMFA Gallery 201-203

Chen Ching-Jung is pioneer of surrealism and the first artist learned the Western fresco techniques in Taiwan. Born in 1934, he pursued further studies in Japan after gaining a degree in Fine Arts at National Taiwan Normal University. During his time there, he apprenticed to Luke Hasegawa to learn fresco and mosaic painting technique, which has shaped his succeeding artistic style.

His works always carry a sense of melancholy, such as the subject of a equestrian statue standing in an empty plaza under the night sky or the nude woman standing in the wilderness at dusk. This expression of solitude might stem from his initial feelings of struggle and confusion when he first arrived in Japan. The influence of fresco painting techniques often leads him to use cool and muted colors in his artworks, deepening this sense of melancholy. Open landscapes, hazy hues, serene nudes — these elements construct a mysteriously desolate and melancholic world, evoking a sense of solitude in the "Silent World."

      Starting from his fresco works, this exhibition reveals Chen’s pursuit of the artistic traditions of the Renaissance throughout his artistic journey, such as the themes in his painting, sketches as the foundation of his artworks, and the exploration of painting materials and techniques. And through these, he constructs a tranquil and desolate world within his artworks. Apart from the fresco paintings, this exhibition will also showcase the artist’s proficiency in large-scaled mosaic works, oil painting, printmaking and faience works etc., presenting a diversity of his creations.