Let’s fly!

2022.10.07 - 2023.12.31 KCMA Galleries 101、201

Why can birds fly in the sky? Use your imagination. If you could fly like a bird, where would you want to fly? Can you fly as long as you have wings? Think about it. Besides birds, what other winged insects or animals do you know? Observe carefully butterflies, bees, dragonflies, bats… What is the difference among their wings?
Do you also like to take an airplane? Do you know how the airplane was invented? Since long time ago, people have always wanted to fly to the sky. Starting from the observation of the wings of birds, they tried to make various flying tools which could carry people. Through scientific exploration and experimentation, even at the risk of sacrificing life, and finally with the improvement of science and technology, the dream of flying to the sky was carried out.
Flying is both imagining and creating. It takes a lot of courage and perseverance. Do you know how artists imagine flying? Can you design your own flight vehicle? Let’s take a flying time machine. Are you ready? Let’s fly!