Being X - Hsin-Chien Huang's Metaverse Theater

2022.10.08 - 2023.03.05 KMFA gallery 101-103

Enter "Being X - Hsin-Chien Huang's Metaverse Theater", you are no longer just a passive viewer, but a part of the story. Your perspective becomes the “X person perspective” of each work.
New media artist Hsin-Chien Huang strives to break the boundaries of traditional linear narrative frames and visual senses through art and technology. His creations use Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive, interactive performances to transform the traditional form of “story-telling” and create a “story-living” experience. The concept of "Being X " is taken from the unique physical immersion of VR works. The viewer not only enters a virtual world, but is also able to switch perspectives, allowing the body to disappear and reconstruct itself, with the senses and the physical body shifting with the space and the perspectives changing along with it.
The existence of virtual worlds, from the earliest "cyberspace" to the current "metaverse", has made the concept of "virtual identity" or "avatar" a possibility to escape from the single-representation system. Based on this, Huang's works propose reflections on contemporary technological society and the human condition, touching on issues such as life, consciousness, the individual and the collective, political history, trauma, environmental ecology, and even human predestination, and taking the re-experiencing feature of VR to give room for reinterpretation of local history and one's own culture.
"Being X - Hsin-Chien Huang's Metaverse Theater" is Huang’s first large-scale retrospective exhibition in Taiwan, featuring the artist's award-winning VR series, including La Camera Insabbiata, To the Moon, Samsara, and Bodyless. The exhibition also incorporates new media cross-disciplinary productions such as interaction, performance, programming, and video installation, such as We are What We Eat, which combines cooking, dance, and VR experience, and Bloodlines, a 3D scanned sculpture. This exhibition is also the first VR/XR-themed exhibition in Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, breaking through the logic and framework of the white cube or black box space of museums in the past. Through a realistic and surreal virtual world, visitors are led to a journey of identity and memory, entering a deeper journey of consciousness beyond the sensory experience.

Supervisor: Ministry of Culture, Hakka Affairs Council, Kaohsiung City Government, Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Organizer: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA)
Inclusion Partner: Applied Materials
Education Partner: Dean Hung Chao-Ming of E-Da Cancer Hospital, WONHOME
Computer Sponsor: Quanta Research Institute
Supported by: XR Hub Taiwan

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