2024.06.29 - 2024.11.17 KMFA Gallery 101-103

Drawn from the interweaving trajectory of history between painting and photography, Capturing the Moment, an exhibition curated by Gregor Muir, Director of Collection of International Art at Tate Museum and Beatriz Garcia-Velasco, the Assistant Curator of International Art at Tate Modern, showcases 34 pieces selected from Tate Modern collection, and the other 21 pieces form YAGEO Foundation in Taiwan. Its abundant layers of language of arts not only speaking of the fleeting moments captured by artists’ brushes and lenses, also crystallises the ephemeral reality into eternal moments.
Shuffling between waves of “classics of eras”, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts aims to bring the most profound and thought-provoking essence of the "classics" to the audience. Capturing the Moment shows the transition between mediums over the past century, and more importantly, how the artists shine in their respective times. In both painting and photography, the moments captured by brushes and lenses are artists’ depiction of the reality. As the curators quotes from Susan Sontag, "The painter constructs, the photographer discloses", this exhibition anchors the starting point of modern art history. Hereto, the exhibition in Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts serves as an embodiment of time and eras, walking the audience  through the journey of paintings and photography, allows them to see the cultural context behind artworks, transforming all the fragments of time into classic moments of the gaze.

‧ 參展藝術家│Artists 

麥可 · 阿米泰吉  Michael Armitage 
法蘭西斯.培根 Francis Bacon
蓋奧格.巴塞利茲 Georg Baselitz
寶琳.博蒂 Pauline Boty
麗莎.布萊斯 Lisa Brice
塞西莉.布朗 Cecily Brown
米里亞姆.卡恩 Miriam Cahn
喬治.康多 George Condo
恩吉德卡.阿庫尼利.克羅斯比 Njideka Akunyili Crosby
約翰.柯林 John Currin
彼得.多伊格  Peter Doig
瑪琳.杜馬斯 Marlene Dumas
亞娜.歐拉  Jana Euler
盧西安.佛洛伊德 Lucian Freud
安德烈亞斯.古爾斯基 Andreas Gursky
理查德.漢密爾頓 Richard Hamilton
大衛.霍克尼 David Hockney
康迪達.赫弗 Candida Höfer
多蘿西亞.蘭格 Dorothea Lange
路易絲.勞勒 Louise Lawler
馬爾文 Marwan
愛麗絲.尼爾 Alice Neel
波萊納.奧羅斯卡 Paulina Olowska
巴布羅.畢卡索 Pablo Picasso
普什帕馬拉 Pushpamala N.
克莉絲蒂娜.夸爾斯 Christina Quarles
羅伯特.勞森伯格 Robert Rauschenberg
格哈德.里希特 Gerhard Richter
威爾漢姆.薩斯奈爾 Wilhelm Sasnal
洛娜.辛普森 Lorna Simpson
托馬斯.施特魯斯 Thomas Struth
杉本博司 Hiroshi Sugimoto
路克・圖伊曼斯 Luc Tuymans
傑夫.沃爾 Jeff Wall
安迪.沃荷 Andy Warhol

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