Abstracting Kaohsiung

2022.07.09 - 2022.09.25 KMFA gallery 104-105

The focus of this exhibition, Abstracting Kaohsiung, is to switch from the narrative observation of Kaohsiung or of the South to the “perceptions” of the city represented by the artists to viewers. In other words, the central concept of this exhibition is “Kaohsiung City”, demonstrating not only its unique character and charm but also the perceptions of living in the city for many years. Through their abstract expression, the artists of different generations in this exhibition created different impressions of Kaohsiung, representing their subjective or objective depictions of different facets of this city. It is even more interesting to observe how the artists developed their forms of abstract art beyond realism in response to their times and environments, freeing their abstract creation from the concept of abstractionism in the Western theory of art. Their unique abstract representation of their perceptions of Kaohsiung is also an extension of their imagination and attachment to this city.

策展人 Curator|王焜生 Emmerson Wang
協同策展 Co-Curator|吳慧芳 Wu Hui-fang

參展藝術家 Artists|
王國柱 Oňg Kok-thiā
何佳真 Ho Chia-cheng
吳梅嵩 Wu Mei-song
沈昌明 Shen Chang-ming
林建忠 Lin Chien-chung
林純用 Lin Chun-yung
林熺俊 Lin Hsi-chun
阿卜極 Abugy
洪明爵 Hung Ming-chueh
洪政東 Hong Cheng-tong
洪根深 Hung Ken-shen
洪龍木 Hung Lung-mu
張栢烟 Chang Po-yen
莊世和 Chuang Shih-ho
莊普   Tsong Pu
陳水財Chen Shui-tsai
陳彥名 Chen Yen-ming
陳聖頌 Chern Shenson
陳艷淑 Cheng Yen-shu
黃郁生 Hwang Yue-sheng
葉竹盛 Yeh Chu-sheng
管振輝 Kwan Cheng-hui
劉呈祥 Liu Cheng-hsiang
劉高興 Liu Kao-sing
蔡獻友 Tsai Hsien-yiu
賴新龍 Lai Hsin-lung
蘇信義 Su Hsin-yi

Superviser | Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Organizer | Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor | HOPAX