Mindfulness: Zheng Ju Ru’s Returning Journey to Self-reflection

2023.08.26 - 2023.10.15 KMFA B1 KSpace

"Returning" refers to the process of redirecting one’s focus from the external to the internal, engaging in introspection and becoming aware of how one often unconsciously fixates their attention on seeking identities and labels, and cause them to lose themselves in the desire for external possessions. This fixation can lead to trapping someone and making one unable to return to one's true essence. By cultivating a mindful awareness, represented by the concept of "参" (observing), one can gently and non-confrontationally dispels these externally driven distractions, weakening their ties to the outside world. Through the transformative process of seeing through and letting go, the consciousness of the mind can be called back, returning to its original and pure state, reclaiming its true self.
The act of "returning" is the key to live in the moment, allowing each unique creative expression in Zheng Shu Ru’s paintings to transcend preconceived notions and liberate itself from mental interference and distractions. This enables the consciousness to return to a pristine and lucid state, approaching the essence of artistic creation as a pure witness to the unfolding of life, untainted by any other conscious biases.
Through the process of creating the exhibition "Mindfulness: Zheng Shu Ru’s returning journey to self-reflection" Zheng aims to share the idea that true success in life comes from rediscovering the pivotal moment of reclaiming one's inner freedom. This transformation does not require external assistance; instead, it entails redirecting one’s consciousness to reconnect with the inherent and innate wisdom within, accompanied by a heart unattached to external pursuits. It embodies the concept of living in the world while remaining detached from its transient enticements, akin to the words of Jesus: "Be in this world, but not of this world." Through this artistic journey, one can regain the tranquility and contentment inherent in life's simplicity and serenity.