Galleries & Floor Plans

Floor Plans and Facilities

Space in the museum building is designed according to the function and efficient management of the specific areas. The four-story exhibition area includes a lobby, a sculpture hall, galleries, and a multi-purpose room. The public accessible facilities on the basement level include Gallery B01, a 368-seat auditorium, an art research room holding approximately 46,000 copies of books, periodicals, and materials, which can only be read in the research room, and an art resource center providing schools / groups with art education. 


To facilitate management of the various areas and use at different times, the gallery area and administrative area have their own independent entrances/exits. Exhibition and public spaces are clearly marked for ease and control of visitor traffic and flow.



The lobby serves as a control area to prevent crowding in the galleries as well as an independent open area that includes all the main public services of the museum, such
as the information desk and bag check.

Sculpture Hall

The sculpture hall is the nucleus of the museum space and also the area that all visitors must pass through to go to any other gallery. For this reason, it serves as the
central link and core of the museum space. The hall ceiling reaches four stories in height and is fitted with skylights that allow sunlight in and give the space and displayed sculptures a sense of natural life.

Galleries 101-103 (1st Floor)

Located to the right of the sculpture hall, these galleries are 314 cm high. Since the space is independent, it is suitable for special international exhibitions that require
strict control of access and visitor traffic to ensure safety.

Galleries 104-105 (1st Floor)

Located behind and to the left of the sculpture hall, the ceilings of these two galleries are two stories high and are designed to accommodate works of unconventional size
or format. Balconies and stairways provide visitors with an alternative view of the works on display. Although mainly devoted to sculptures, the galleries are suitable for
other media as well.


Galleries 201-203 (2nd Floor)

The ceilings of Galleries 202 and 203 on the second floor are two stories high and are designed to display large-size works. The UV-filtered skylights allow sunlight in and give the works sense of magnificence.


Galleries 301-303 (3rd Floor)

The galleries on the third floor are divided into two large rooms (303 and 304) and two smaller ones (301 and 302). These galleries are designed for thematic exhibitions and can accommodate moderate- size works or exhibitions which require dark rooms for projection or screening.


Galleries 401-403 and Multi-purpose Room (4th Floor)

The galleries on the fourth floor can be divided and partitioned according to display need and function to create different arrangements of space and size. There are also skylights on the ceiling of the Multi-purpose Room, which is suitable for the display of large-size sculptures or installation works. Now these galleries are mostly dedicated to exhibitions of the Forum for Creativity in Art and Kaohsiung Awards.


Gallery B01 (Basement Level)

Near the auditorium and art research room, Gallery B01 now mainly serves as the Gallery for Citizens. It can also be divided and partitioned according to display need and function to create different arrangements of space and size.